Change The Game

Posted: May 31, 2009 in Technology and Business
I was recently asked how you compete against a dominant incumbent.
A dominant incumbent is a dominant incumbent because they’ve been doing something really well.  It’s hard to beat them at their own game… so you have to change the game.
For example, Blackberry is trying to sell their new consumer device using the same kind of "lifestyle sexiness" as Apple.
Are they really going to out-sexy Apple?
It would be better if Blackberry changed the game… maybe used facts as a basis to get across marketing message.
For example, how about a stark white ad flashing a few "hot button" facts… such as:
Speed of mail delivery…
… Apple iPhone:  15-30 minute lag
… Blackberry:  INSTANT.
This doesn’t apply to just marketing messages… but distribution, too.  Borders and Barnes & Noble pretty much had 100% of the book market distribution locked up… then along came Amazon… and they used the Internet to change the game.
Boy, did they ever.

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