I Just Solved The Gas Crisis

Posted: June 17, 2009 in Technology and Business
Seriously, I just solved the gas crisis.

If we’re going to spend $1 trillion on a war that has nothing to do with freedom — unless you define freedom as our right to waste as much cheap oil as we damn well please (which, coincidentally, a lot of people do) — then why not spend $1 trillion giving 100-200 million people a free smart car?

I’m not talking about the current type of Smart Car… I’m talking about a new, even smarter version… one that only goes no more than 50 miles per hour… and one that’s electric so the source of power is also efficient.

And, one that gets the equivalent of 150-200 miles per gallon… that’s more than a magnitude jump in efficiency right there.

What’s the incentive for building such a car?  A trillion dollars!  That’s how much we’re spending on Iraq… with nothing of substance to show for it except continued high gas prices and ridicule in the world community. 

Believe you me, GM, Chrysler, and Ford would love to lead the world in the popularizing the next generation of smarter vehicle, especially if the U.S. government is paying.  Heck, they’d probably consider it a "do over."

Culturally, this would create instant acceptance for a small, run-around-town vehicle.  I mean, who wouldn’t take — for free — a nifty little energy efficient vehicle that you can re-charge in your own garage?  (And speaking of garages, who couldn’t use more space in their garage? <smile>)

Not only would it create an efficiency in the most inefficient driving situation (short haul, stop-and-go, around town driving)… but if would double urban parking capacity… a horrific problem in most downtown areas.

And, dare I say, the new smart car would save lives, too.  Unfortunately, speed kills… and who needs speed boppin’ around town running errands?

And, dare I say, the new smart car would save the environment, too.  Unfortunately, fossil fuels kill, too… or, for those of you that still don’t believe that, you’ll at least agree with me that — at best — they make a stinky mess of everything.

And, dare I say, the new smart car would do what this particular war can’t do:  Lessen our dependency on middle east oil. 

If this happens, we would no longer would have the hypocritical conflict-of-interest we have:  How do we promote democracy and plunder the middle east of their oil?

I suspect that without oil concerns, our war on terror would be quite different… more efficient… and much more collaborative… a real global effort, with a sincere mission… like WWII.

There.  The gas crisis… and a lot more… solved.

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