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20 July 1969

Posted: July 20, 2009 in Technology and Business
Forty years ago today — when I was about 10-years old — I watched the first person set foot on the moon.
I remember I was in a pub in Ireland of all places (foretelling of things to come, no doubt <smile>). 
Everyone was gathered around a smallish black & white television set with a very grainy picture.  All the adults were glued to the tube in a way I had never seen before.
I didn’t really understand the significance of the event…
… but — even at 10-years old — I knew it was the most important thing I had ever witnessed.
I wonder — after all these years — in terms of audacity of project and shear magnitude of what it took to accomplish — if it may still be the most important thing I have ever witnessed?

Just Say No

Posted: July 10, 2009 in Technology and Business
Just say no.  Failure shouldn’t be rewarded.  And there are lots of other financial professionals who might actually appreciate employment.