Healthcare Gone Haywire Part II

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Technology and Business
Bully for Buffett… he’s calling a spade a spade… health reform should be all about COST CUTTING… because our health costs are OUT OF CONTROL.
He cites some powerful stats:
*  Our health costs have skyrocketed from 5% of GDP to over 17% (tops in the world is about 10%)
*  While our costs are almost double, we have few doctors per thousand patients (2.5 vs. 3), fewer nurses per thousand patients, and fewer beds per thousand patients.
Buffett also clearly summarizes the problem in health care:  It’s all about incentives:
     "We have payments for procedures… and not payments for results."
This is the kind of stuff Obama used to talk about when he had his stuff together about health reform.

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