Not Getting My Vote This Time

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Technology and Business
Obama campaigned on ending the war and using the government’s volume buying power to cut health costs.  I liked those things.
Obama didn’t deliver.
We’re still in the war… and "Obama-care" is the exact opposite of what I voted for… it’s a spending disaster.
For example, our health costs at IMSI/Design have soared because the insurance companies are preparing for Obama-care… apples-to-apples, a 20%+ increase each year Obama has been in office.
Our only solution?  Reduce health care benefits and use as many outside contractors as possible… a disincentive to hiring.
Probably the exact opposite of what Obama wants, too.
But, as they say, it’s the bed he’s made.  So, this time around, Obama — et. al. — are not getting my vote.
Everyone says a bit of gridlock in Washington will be a good thing.  I think so, too, but for a different reason:  I think Obama is a doer but also a consensus guy… so gridlock will force him to compromise. 
And, optimistically… maybe naively… I hope good things can come out of that.

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