I’m Stupefied That I Even Have To Ask The Question…

Posted: November 26, 2010 in Technology and Business
T. Boone Pickens did a great piece on natural gas on Tues.  He summarized:
     It’s cheaper, it’s cleaner, it’s abundant, and it’s ours.
Honestly, can it get any better than that? 
It’s hard to watch oil prices without also being aware of natural gas.  Someone recently said the price of natural gas today is the equivalent of $22 a barrel oil… or that’s 1/4th the actual price… and, best, the price of natural gas isn’t influenced by currency, gold, emotion, stock market, etc…
… just good old fashion supply and demand
… and in that regard, we have supply in spades.
We import almost 2/3rds of our oil — read that, we send almost a trillion dollars to the middle east every freakin’ year.
And, 2/3rds of all oil we use is for transportation.
Like T. Boone, I’m stupefied that I even have to ask the question: 
     Why the hell aren’t we buying natural gas mobiles…
… so we can stop our dangerous dependency/obsession on middle east oil once and for all…
… so we can keep an extra trillion bucks in our country and not let it accidentally fall into the hands of terrorists…
… so we can burn a cleaner fuel and SAVE THE PLANET… ?!

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