Rotten Politics

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Technology and Business
If you read the democratic rhetoric, they "saved" the middle class from the evil republicans who only cared about cutting taxes for millionaires.
Huh?  Republicans care about cutting taxes for everyone… period. 
Somehow implying that they don’t care about the middle class is asinine… and offensive politics, Mr. Obama... of the type that I was hoping would be beneath you. 
Apparently not.
Further, it’s also being represented that it’s extending the tax breaks on the most wealthy that’s breaking the bank here.
Huh?  Of the $458 billion in estimated tax revenue that potentially could be lost over two years, $383 billion of that is from what democrats are characterized as middle class.  What’s the most wealthy’s portion?  About a measly 16% of the total… hardly a bank-breaker. 
Geez… politics have completely clouded perspective. 
Given the rotten politics, I’m not sure I wouldn’t have played hardball if I were one of the republicans running this thing.  That is, let the tax cuts expire on Dec 31st.  Live with the pain our democratic President caused for about a week.  Then, as my first act of a republican-controlled congress, reinstate the tax cuts and make them retroactive to Jan 1… making heroes out of the republicans to all classes of citizens.
Now that’s politics.

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