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A Bad Sign

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Technology and Business
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I feel like I’m Mr. Gloomy. That’s what high oil prices will do to me. Obviously it’s done it to the economy, too… from the BusinessInsider:

“We learned this morning that the economy grew at a pathetic 1.8% in Q1. That’s way below the 3%-4% rate that most economists consider normal. And it’s miles below the 5%-7% growth that normally follows a recession as sharp and severe as the one we just had.”

The one revision in this morning’s report is that, while GDP will be lower, employment will be a bit higher in 2011.

If prices continue to rise… and people stop spending… and corporate profits begin to get affected… I wonder how long that forecast will last… ?


I recently had a physical and told my doctor my energy levels were down.

We talk about some routine stuff… but then he quickly got to, “how are you sleeping? You might want to get in touch with the local sleep clinic and check yourself for sleep apnea.”

I asked if this was covered by insurance and he said, “yeah, and it’s one of the easier things to check for.”

So, he entered in a referral and we moved on.

I wonder if he even knew the financial ramifications of what he was recommending?

Within a day or so, I got not one but two calls from the seep clinic. Wow, I thought, that’s some customer service.

At the rates they charge the health care system, it’s no wonder.

$500-$700 for the initial consult…

… and $7,500-$8,500 for a single night… !

Worse: Not once did my doctor ask me, “well, what can be interrupting your sleep?”

How about an 8-year old that still tries to climb in bed a few times a night? How about drinking too much liquids before bed? How about a ton of stress?

All which are true.

How about asking me if I had any of the symptoms of sleep apnea?

No, instead, it was, “let’s check you for sleep apnea… it’s covered by insurance… and it’s one of the easier things we can rule out.”

And… what was left either unsaid or unknown:

And cost health care — and ultimately you and me — a fortune.

No wonder health care costs are OUT OF CONTROL.

Title says it all.