Guess We All Should Have Known It Was Going To Be Called The iPhone 4

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Business, Technology and Business
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The market seemed quite disappointed that Apple “only” released an upgraded iPhone 4… rather than a new, spify iPhone 5.

After all, Apple lovers have waited an eternity for the new model… err, I mean a whole 18 months.

I was watching the news yesterday morning… lots of shots in front of the Apple building where the announcement was being held… and on the front of the building some beautiful and simple Apple-styled icons about the event… one in particular caught my eye, a giant “4”… as part of a calendar icon showing the date, October 4th.

It looked weird for some reason.

Now it’s a “duh” moment for me.

I don’t think Apple could have signaled its naming intentions any stronger than scheduling the event on October 4th — as opposed to easily being able to have it on October 5th — and putting a giant “4” right in front of our faces.


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