I Agree With The Occupy Wall Street Protestors… I’m MAD AS HELL About A Lot Of Things, Too

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Business, Technology and Business
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Everyone thinks the Occupy Wall Street movement is unfocused.

I believe it’s supposed to be unfocused… as in, after about a decade of things just sucking, everybody just wants to stand up and bitch about something.

Cheers to that, count me in.  I’m angry about a few things:

I believe speculators have taken over the pricing of oil… which, as everyone knows that reads this blog, is the single most important measure to the world economy… and the single most dangerous threat to life as we know it.  At a minimum, why not raise the margin requirements?  Duh.

I’m also furious about bonuses paid to failed banks.  I think once you drive your bank into the ground, all bonuses should be canceled.  Period.  What are you getting a bonus for?  Driving your bank into the ground?  Or, better, after we bail you out and artificially set your cost of funds to near zero, somehow you think you deserve a huge bonus for any bank profits?  Please, really — literally — it’s impossible for you not to make money when your cost of funds are ZERO… and your 6, 7, and 8-figure bonuses are just absolutely offensive.

I’m also angry with Obama… a guy who had the chance to be one of the greatest presidents ever… but he just blew it.  His health plan was supposed to cut costs… but it’s done the opposite.  His jobs bill looks like it was created by someone who has never hired a person in their life.  Why are we still spending a fortune on a war that no one cares about?  Why haven’t we seized the natural gas opportunity?!  Does he realize “wealthy” is a relative term… that “wealthy” in big cities like San Francisco, New York, LA, etc., in no way buys the same quality of life that it does in the rest of the country… not even close?

I’m also angry with Europe… for the misuse of the term “austerity”… it’s being used like it’s some kind of punishmentnot the result of decades of irresponsibility.  I’m angry with those politicians that have let such a negative label become standard… why not have labeled it what it really is?  “Responsibility.”

I’m also angry with our country and California in particular.  Why are there six languages on a voting ballot?  Aren’t we all Americans?  I have no problems with diversity… but there’s only one thing that unites a community — and that is the ability to communicate with each other.  Why can a non-citizen have a baby in the U.S. and that baby is somehow, magically, a citizen, which means we have to support that baby — and the baby’s family — for life?  You know the system is being gamed when non-citizens wait at the border for their water to break!

Why do I pay 2/3rds of my property taxes to horribly underperforming public schools that I can’t send my kid to?  Meanwhile, horribly underperforming teachers get tenure — TENURE — after just a few years on the job?  Please.  The teacher’s union is an example of something noble gone terribly wrong.  To add insult to injury, I pay for all of those big yellow school buses… what, public school parents can’t drive their kids to school like we do?  Don’t tell me they can’t because they have to work:  My wife and I work every bit as hard — dare I say harder.  Give me a break.  To add even more insult, we now are giving our tax dollars — tax dollars that we don’t have enough of — to finance the education of non-citizens over legal U.S. citizens?

Sadly, you can’t make this stuff up.

So I TOTALLY AGREE with the protestors… I’m MAD AS HELL about a lot of things, too… and it’s DEFINITELY TIME TO MAKE SOME CHANGES.

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