Will An Act Of God Get Obama Re-Elected?

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Business, Technology and Business
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Absolutely Hurricane Sandy is devastating.

For a president seeking a second term, though, it may be a gift from heaven…

… seems like the entire election just became an after-thought… whatever momentum a challenger may have had just got washed away with the rain.

After all, it’s hardly a time for bi-partisan bickering, not when people’s houses are floating down the street!

Politically, an event like this — a natural disaster affecting 1/3 of the country — will always be in the standing president’s wheelhouse.

Hell, the country even liked George W. Bush for a time during the 911 crisis… something that, indeed, took an act of God to accomplish.

My election prediction?  The longer Sandy blows, the greater the chance of re-election.  It’s just the way this kind of thing works.


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