Another Four Years

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Business, Technology and Business
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Just getting back from being out of the country.  (Yes, I turned in my absentee ballot weeks ago.)

So Obama was re-elected.

Good news is now that Obama doesn’t have to worry about being re-elected, maybe he can cut loose a bit and do what’s right, not what’s political.

Bad news, though, is he still can’t mess up his party’s chances in four years so that will add politics back to the equation.

And, bad news is — as was insightfully pointed out to me this week — he’s not a deal maker… he doesn’t know anyone… doesn’t stray outside his small group… and doesn’t have business experience to know how to make deals.

That last point is something I hadn’t considered.

Given the bipartisan effort it’s going to take to fix this country, that’s bad news indeed.

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