The Real Manning Legacy

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Business, Farros, Royal, Technology and Business
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I’ve always thought Steve Young was the best role model in sports.  Not just a top performer on the field, but I’ve heard story after story where he was incredibly patient and gracious off the field, too.  A guy you truly want to root for.

I believe Andrew Luck and Toby Gerhart are those types of people, too.

And now, after watching and hearing some of the post Superbowl stories about Peyton Manning — after getting destroyed in  Superbowl 48 and in a position where 99.999% of us would have been completely justified showing a little emotion — Peyton teaches us what it’s like to be a true gentleman in victory and defeat.

Now that’s grace under fire.  A role model for sports… and way, way beyond.


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