Misleading Headlines

Posted: October 9, 2014 in Apple, Business, Farros, iOS, Royal, Technology and Business

Misleading headlines happen all the time.

The big headline this morning from the Wall Street Journal:

Larger Apple iPad to Be Delayed

That’s what everyone picked up.  You might think, “wow, Apple’s really blowing it… yet another problem!”

If you read the article, though… or even just the subhead below the headline:

Apple Suppliers Concentrating on Meeting Demand for New iPhones

… you’ll find the real reason for a potential delay:  Because they’re swamped just trying to fill iPhone demand.

That’s a tremendous problem to have… unfortunately you’d never pick that up from the headline.


UPDATE:  Someone finally got it right!  From the BusinessInsider:

Apple Delays Plan To Make A Giant iPad So It Can Pump Out More iPhones

See the difference?  One suggests something negative… the other gets to the heart of the story — that overwhelming demand for the iPhone is causing Apple to juggle manufacturing — something that is clearly positive in the big picture.


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