Was iOS TV Just Accidentally Announced?

Posted: August 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Been a while since I’ve posted, sorry!  But, I just came across something I had to share:

On Jul 30th a few news services carried information that the next version of Apple TV could be introduced in September.

Any reader of this blog will know that I think an iOS TV will be Apple’s Next Big Thing… i.e., the chance to do to the broadcast/entertainment world what it did to the cellular world… i.e., completely turn it on its head and own it.  (Here and here for past posts.)

Buried in these announcements was a single, almost throw-away line that read as follows:

It will also come with an app store that will allow third-party developers, like game designers, to make apps for it.

My head is spinning with several thoughts:

*  First & foremost, YES!  Finally one of the zillion iOS developers will make all kind of ground-breaking apps for TV sets… for example, given my hearing isn’t what it used to be, could someone please make a radically better “Closed Captioning” (i.e., subtitles) system?  I’ll PAY FOR IT!

*  Apple must have decided not to compete against the TV screen makers.  On one hand, this seems to be a disappointment… Apple devices are so fashionable that this seems to be a wasted opportunity.  On the other hand, given the seemingly endless choices of screen sizes, Apple might have had its manufacturing & inventoring hands full trying to accommodate.  I need to do more thinking about this aspect.

Bottomline:  For iOS TV to succeed as an add-on, it will have to do something so much better than TV sets do today.  That could be apps if development feels more like iPhone vs. iWatch.  That could be “skinny cable bundling” (i.e., continuing trend of cutting the cable cord).  That could be better Internet connection (getting online today on TV sets leaves a lot to be desired).  Or maybe it’s a really effective way to plug into the whole Apple eco-system.

In any event, with their lack-luster iWatch intro, they really need to nail this one out-of-the-gate…

… which they should be able to do given how long they’ve been working on it!


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