Why Politics Are So Hard… And Frustrating

Posted: August 17, 2015 in Business, Farros, Iran, Obama, Politics, Royal, Technology and Business, USA Today

What makes politics so hard?

One word:  Spin.

Both side do it… spin.  Both sides create sound bites that, while maybe not outright lies, certain bend the truth to accommodate their position.

More than that, the media does the same thing.

Said another way, how in the world can you tell who’s telling the truth?

It’s more than disheartening… it’s disgusting.

The politicians (in this situation, republicans) were on all the talk shows Sunday morning screaming how horrible the Iran deal is because we’re going to give them $150 billion… whether the deal goes through or not!

That incensed me.  It just sounds completely idiotic.  I figured Obama is probably paying them back for the revenues they lost during the sanctions?  That sounds consistent with all the other idiotic things we do as a nation… for example, blow up cities in the Middle East only to have to re-build them on our dime.

This sounded so idiotic that I decided to look it up.

I found this headline from USA Today:

          “Lawmakers alarmed over Iranian nuclear windfall

The opening line:  “WASHINGTON — A $150 billion windfall Iran would get after a deal to curb its nuclear program is raising new alarms in Congress that it will use the money to boost terrorist funding across the Middle East.”

“Windfall” — used twice in rapid succession — sounds like they’re getting something really, really great… like a lotto win.

However, digging into the article more:  “The White House has estimated the value of Iran’s foreign accounts frozen by nuclear sanctions at $150 billion.”

Huh?  We’re giving them back THEIR money?

None of the Republican verbiage or reporting sounds like we’re actually giving them back the money we TOOK from them… which is fundamentally a MASSIVE difference in meaning.

Yet — because of spin — who knew?

Certainly not the average American citizen doing their best to stay informed… and hoping both the candidates and the media are trustworthy.

P.S.  Note that I’m not saying Iran shouldn’t pay monetary penalties to the U.S., the U.N., to just about everyone.  But sequestering all $150 billion is a bit like outright stealing, no?  


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