Farewell To Scott, My Brother-In-Law (1963-2018)

Posted: September 10, 2018 in Farros, Royal, Royal Blog
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Sadly here is another farewell post.

My brother-in-law Scott died last week of a massive heart attack.  It was unexpected… though, it shouldn’t have been… he had both high blood pressure and high cholesterol… but, more significantly, a family history of heart disease.

Both arteries were totally blocked.  In this day and age, you would think someone would have told him to get a scan or something.  But that didn’t happen, making this situation extra tragic.

Scott led a simple life… simple in that, among all the people I know, he really knew what the meaning of life was:  Just laugh as much as you can.

That really was his goal in life.  He certainly was a hard worker… and a responsible person… and had his views on politics and the way things should be.  But Scott didn’t care that you thought he was a hard worker, a responsible person, or politically adept… as much as he just wanted to make you laugh… that was always his pay day.

Helping this was a contemporary and absolutely razor-like sense of humor.  More often than not, Scott was the source of laughter in whatever group he was in… a solemn church function or a rowdy boys’ night out.

In a world that’s sometimes not so easy, he was the kind of guy you wanted to be around because, regardless of your situation, he made life a bit more fun for you.

That was his gift to all who knew him… and to all that will miss him greatly.

Until we meet again.


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