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I know what you are going to think, “just take all guns away and that will stop high school gun violence.”

That’s not what I’m going to say.

Information is the key.

Certainly the community can chime in more… maybe someone heard something or saw something on social media?  I’ve always said “people on the front lines” (whether employees or students) know the most about what’s really going on.

But how do parents fit into this?  In fact, how does a parent with a troubled child know when to ask for help… or even when to turn their child into the authorities?

Most likely a parent in this situation already has their hands full just dealing with a difficult child… imagine how gut-wrenching it would be to make the leap from acknowledging your child is not only difficult but potentially a killer!

Stigma aside, I’m not sure how many parents would be so quick to make that leap… especially in this day & age where violent video games are not just standard fare but celebrated. In other words, what really is normal these days?

What I think we may need — what I think the entire country may need — is some kind of standardized “Child Assessment Test”…

… i.e., some kind of simple, multiple choice test that a parent can honestly fill out and in return get an honest, professional, and *anonymous* psychological appraisal of a child’s mental health as it relates to the potential for mass violence and such.

Having such an assessment might give a parent confidence that they are not acting alone, which would be a tremendous burden lifted.

A website could be setup with a conversational FAQ that could help answer frequently asked questions about the surveys, designed to further advise a parent whether they should seek more immediate guidance to prevent a dangerous situation to others or even the child themself.

Maybe there’s already such a thing?  If not, I think we may be reaching the point where it’s needed.

P.S.  Taking guns away from crazy people — whether student or adult — is a good thing to do, too!