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The big “sequestration” is happening this week.

Horribly misnamed, it refers to a bunch of automatic spending cuts.

I’ve always said, you can chop 10%-20% out of ANY organization and not feel any performance degradation.

That’s because there’s reasonably 10%-20% of inefficiency — fat — in any organization and any process.

Go figure, the TSA has been making noise this week about spending cuts…

… well, not so much noise as BLATANT THREATS that security service will degrade and cause huge delays, backups, etc.

Trying to hold us hostage, in other words.

Bull shit.

This was confirmed by a flight attendant I got into a conversation with this week during take-off.  He — a professional in the field that obviously logs a bunch of miles — commented that it’s his observation that 40% of TSA staff do nothing but sit around and do nothing.

Investing in people to do jobs that don’t contribute to real productivity or gains is a waste of investment… far better to invest that money into things that really will yield real gains.

But suppose this airline professional is wrong… and the TSA is right?

Easy — do what all successful businesses do when a budget is cut:  Focus on just the priority items and change the process.

For example, do we all need to all keep taking off our shoes?  One crazy guy with some wet gun powder and a boner plan has wreaked havoc in airline travel for years.  Has to be the absolute biggest terrorist gain for the least amount of effort.

How about those “Fly By” lanes, how do they work?  And why can’t those be applied to more people?

And so on.

But none of that has been discussed.  Just threats.

Nice to be held hostage by the very people that are supposed to protect us.