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I haven’t had my socks knocked off in a while.

But, I just read a piece from Nat Brown, the founder of the original xBox project at Microsoft… discussing what could torpedo all the game platforms.

Apple TV can.


Like everyone else, I thought of Apple TV as being the coolest looking TV ever… something that would have mind-blowing sound… something that would play iTunes movies and music really well… something that could take a reasonable-sized chunk of the TV sales away traditional vendors like Sony and Panasonic.

I think that’s what everybody else has been thinking, too.  At least, that’s the way all the reports read up to this point.

But — DUH — that’s NOT what Apple TV will be about… it will really be an app platform.

And that changes everything.

The iPhone wasn’t just another cell phone… it was a platform for a zillion developers to turn the cell phone into a brand new experience that disrupted the entire global cell phone industry.

The iPad wasn’t just another tablet computer… it was a platform for another zillion developers (including iPhone developers) to turn the tablet computer into a brand new experience that disrupted the entire global computer industry.

Which means Apple TV (iTV?) won’t be just another cool-looking TV…

… it will be a platform for yet another zillion developers (including iPhone and iPad developers) to turn the proverbial “boob tube” into a brand new experience that will completely and utterly disrupt global TV manufacturers, broadcast media conglomerates, advertising, gaming console, and cable companies alike.  (Did I leave anyone out?  I probably did.)

Wow.  Now that’s a cool thing.

What do I mean by brand new experience?  Who knows, that’s the point!  Who would have ever thunk the clumsy little clam shell cell phone and clunky tablet computer would be doing what they are today?

Bottomline:  Will Apple disrupt yet another massive market?  Yep, there’s going to be an app for that, too.