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There’s an initiative on the June ballot called Prop 29.  It levies a $1 tax per pack of cigarettes.  The opponents of Prop 29 — the tobacco companies — are using the worst kind of political advertising to combat…

… that is, citing themes that usually resonate with voters… but doing so without any real applicability and completely out of context.

For example, the Prop 29 people are crying, “no more taxes!”

Well, this isn’t more taxes on anyone BUT smokers.  The same people who have made a conscious decision to smoke and inevitably will be a HUGE burden on our health system.

They’re crying, “but the money won’t go to fix our state’s fiscal problems or help with unemployment or education!”

Yes, that’s right, it’s going to fund CANCER research… the very thing smokers NEED.

They’re crying, “but only 20% will be used for prevention!”

Yes, that’s right, because making smoking prohibitively expensive IS the prevention — tons of studies show price (affordability) is the greatest deterrent.  Truth is, we probably should raise it to $2 a pack and blow off any prevention advertising/activities and use 100% of the money for the needed research.

And so on.

It’s quite an effective approach being used by the tobacco companies.

It’s also absolutely offensive to thinking voters out there.

Hopefully we still have some of those left.