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I’d like to think I’m a simple guy.

Right now, however, there is way too much going on… too many moving parts… too many interdependencies… too many complexities.

So — no surprise to those that follow this blog — it helps me when I simplify the analysis.

And my favorite question?

What’s oil doing?

Months ago, it misbehaved… jumping from the $70’s and $80’s and threatening to spike to $120 seemingly overnight.

We are now seeing the shock of that rippling through the world economy.

Where is oil now?

Mid $80’s… with the feeling that it may be heading back to the $70’s.

That’s better than all the stimulus in the world… even better if we see a 6 handle.

And I’m sorry to say something so cruel — but that would be better than even the employment picture turning around.

Good to know that we’ll be ok as long as oil behaves itself.