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George, our closest of close friend, would have been 57-years young yesterday.  He passed 13 years ago today.

I can only imagine the hours and hours and hours of conversations we would be having… about politics (Trump!)… sports (Jimmy G!)… entertainment (Oscars!)… anything and everything.

George, my friend, you are missed.


Sadly, George Vineyard would be 50 today. 

He’s gotta be somewhere with a big smile on his face… after all, he was Apple’s (AAPL) biggest fan when the stock was at about $25 (yikes!)… he declared CD’s and DVD’s a “dead media” way before any of the so-called experts… and eerily he somehow knew the 49ers were going to run into some rough years.

Was he wrong with any of his predictions?

I can hear him now:  “I’m not wrong… I just haven’t been proven right yet.”

I could have used his wisdom and strong shoulder over the last few years.  I still miss my good friend deeply.

[George Vineyard 1961-2005:  Farwell Dear Friend]