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For the vast majority of my professional career, the proverbial — no, wait, the actual — richest guy in the world (RGITW) has been Bill Gates.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bill since the 80’s.  I saw him thoroughly and utterly dominate technology for many decades.  Indeed, he damn near invented the technology industry as we know it today.

Of course, when you know someone, you don’t think of them in crazy, god-like terms.  You think of them as someone fun to drink with… someone that knows a good April Fool prank… someone that even plays a decent game of ping pong.  (BTW, all three of those comments deserves posts by themselves.   ;)

There’s another thing working against Bill in the “crazy, god-like terms” department:  He’s been the RGITW for so long, it’s gotten to be… well… a bit ordinary.

That’s why it surprised me when I felt a little bummed hearing today that Bill is no longer the “RGITW”… he’s only the second RGITW… Jeff Bezo, CEO of, is now the RGITW.

I don’t know Jeff, but he’s built a phenomenal company and is well-deserving of the RGITW title.

Interestingly enough, though, being bumped from the top spot is a pretty great reminder of the absolutely rarefied air Bill has breathed all these decades.

Knowing Bill, he’s not giving it a real second thought… these days he’s far too busy trying to save the planet!



Spaces was a terrific blogging tool… not because it was über powerful… or even good looking… but because it was just plain ‘ole simple to use.

At one point, it was the most popular blogging tool in the world. 

Unbelievably (unfathomably?) Microsoft couldn’t figure out how to monetize.  Or maybe they got blindsided by Facebook (like everyone else)?  Or maybe politics got in the way?

Either way — sadly — Microsoft has closed the book on Spaces.

Still… at one point, it was the most popular blogging tool in the world. 

That’s quite an achievement… precious few people in the world can make such a claim… kudos to Mike Connolly and the entire Microsoft Spaces development team for creating something significant and important!