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Trump often ridiculed Obama for playing golf and even went as far as saying that if he became president he was “not going to have time to go play golf.”

This chart from BusinessInsider shows why it’s difficult to take anything Trump says seriously:


Forget about yet another false statement, President Trump spent almost 20% of his first 100 days playing golf?  Really?  Nothing better to do?




Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States.

I’d love to know what the odds of Trump winning were from his very first presidential rally… one I remember like it was yesterday… the one where Trump bragged about “thousands and thousands of supporters” in attendance… but most media reports pegged at barely a hundred or so of allegedly paid participants.

The odds had to be astronomical.

My take is the American people voted for N-ABC… Not Another Bush or Clinton.  People were — are — simply fed up with politicians being, well, politicians.

I get that in spades.

The good news is we get an outsider that has been both a democrat and republican during his lifetime.  And a business person.  After watching the left and right hijack the election agenda for waaay too long, maybe Trump will finally be what I’ve always looked for:  A fiscally-responsible moderate.  Common sense about money… and freedom to let people “live & let live.”

The bad news is our new president is a blowhard.  And a spin-meister… someone I feel like I have to fact check every time he opens his mouth.

For the sake of the United States of America and the entire world, fingers crossed that the good outweighs the bad.

Obama has, or soon will, sign into law a raise in the minimum wage for federal workers.

Apparently, no one told the President that this is ENTIRELY UNNECESSARY… because the average federal employee salary of $78,467 is already FAR MORE than the average U.S. per capita income of $42,693.  (“I’m the boss, need the info!”, right?)

(This isn’t the first time he’s pulled this irresponsible maneuverhere’s my post when he did something like this back in 2010.)

The White House issued this statement:

     “It will also improve the value that taxpayers are getting from the federal government’s investment. Studies show that boosting low wages will reduce turnover and absenteeism, while also boosting morale and improving the incentives for workers, leading to higher productivity overall.”

Really?  On what planet do those economics work?  Lucky us, we’re all going to pay these employees more to continue working less.

Completely and utterly unproductive spending.  The worst kind.

Just getting back from being out of the country.  (Yes, I turned in my absentee ballot weeks ago.)

So Obama was re-elected.

Good news is now that Obama doesn’t have to worry about being re-elected, maybe he can cut loose a bit and do what’s right, not what’s political.

Bad news, though, is he still can’t mess up his party’s chances in four years so that will add politics back to the equation.

And, bad news is — as was insightfully pointed out to me this week — he’s not a deal maker… he doesn’t know anyone… doesn’t stray outside his small group… and doesn’t have business experience to know how to make deals.

That last point is something I hadn’t considered.

Given the bipartisan effort it’s going to take to fix this country, that’s bad news indeed.

Happens every four years.

A chance to change the course of our lives.

Powerful stuff.


Absolutely Hurricane Sandy is devastating.

For a president seeking a second term, though, it may be a gift from heaven…

… seems like the entire election just became an after-thought… whatever momentum a challenger may have had just got washed away with the rain.

After all, it’s hardly a time for bi-partisan bickering, not when people’s houses are floating down the street!

Politically, an event like this — a natural disaster affecting 1/3 of the country — will always be in the standing president’s wheelhouse.

Hell, the country even liked George W. Bush for a time during the 911 crisis… something that, indeed, took an act of God to accomplish.

My election prediction?  The longer Sandy blows, the greater the chance of re-election.  It’s just the way this kind of thing works.

I wrote some time ago how hard it will be for the European Union to coordinate… if for no other reason they all speak a different language!

The truth is, that barely scratches the surface… not only can these people not communicate freely with each other…

… but they operate in a totally different way… that is, live, work, eat, play, pray, etc.

Here’s a great example:

Retirement age is a deeply cultural thing.  And yet, it seems like all the countries in the European Union have different retirement ages!

How’s that going to feel… you working well into your golden years… to help pay off debts for others that retired well before you?

Not so hot.

This may be overly simplistic… but it feels like the EU needs some kind of reset.  Create Version 2.0.  They should create minimum requirements, like retirement age.  If a country doesn’t want the benefits associated with the union, they can choose to opt out.

Else… well, what Obama said the other day will be the least of their worries:

     “Imagine dealing with 17 Congresses instead of just one. That makes things more challenging.”


Update #1:  Wow… now they’re extorting each other… how’s this for “team play” from Mariano Rajoy, the Prime Minster of Spain?

     “We are powerful, and if they don’t give in, the whole thing will go down. It will cost Europe 500 billion if Spain goes bust, and then another 700 billion if Italy goes bust.”


Update #2:  Wow… this from Alexis Tsipras, front-runner in the Greek elections this weekend:

     “If they don’t give us the next loan installment, the euro zone will collapse the day after.”


All of this passion and consternation simply to get people to pay their own bills.  Scary.


Obama just announced a crack down on oil manipulations… which should be great news.

But it’s not.

Why?  Because he just can’t do anything without spending a ton of money.

He has four points to his proposal… the fourth being raise the margin requirements… which will cost nothing… and, as was the case with silver, can be effective in the short-term.

But Obama can’t help himself… he has to add a bunch of unnecessary and ineffective bureaucracy… to the tune of $52 million!


Just raise the margin requirement.  To 100%.  That costs nothing.  And if a relatively small handful of investors want to mess with one of the most strategic materials to life on the planet, then they should be prepared to own it outright.  Period.  Stop the monkey business.

Everyone thinks the Occupy Wall Street movement is unfocused.

I believe it’s supposed to be unfocused… as in, after about a decade of things just sucking, everybody just wants to stand up and bitch about something.

Cheers to that, count me in.  I’m angry about a few things:

I believe speculators have taken over the pricing of oil… which, as everyone knows that reads this blog, is the single most important measure to the world economy… and the single most dangerous threat to life as we know it.  At a minimum, why not raise the margin requirements?  Duh.

I’m also furious about bonuses paid to failed banks.  I think once you drive your bank into the ground, all bonuses should be canceled.  Period.  What are you getting a bonus for?  Driving your bank into the ground?  Or, better, after we bail you out and artificially set your cost of funds to near zero, somehow you think you deserve a huge bonus for any bank profits?  Please, really — literally — it’s impossible for you not to make money when your cost of funds are ZERO… and your 6, 7, and 8-figure bonuses are just absolutely offensive.

I’m also angry with Obama… a guy who had the chance to be one of the greatest presidents ever… but he just blew it.  His health plan was supposed to cut costs… but it’s done the opposite.  His jobs bill looks like it was created by someone who has never hired a person in their life.  Why are we still spending a fortune on a war that no one cares about?  Why haven’t we seized the natural gas opportunity?!  Does he realize “wealthy” is a relative term… that “wealthy” in big cities like San Francisco, New York, LA, etc., in no way buys the same quality of life that it does in the rest of the country… not even close?

I’m also angry with Europe… for the misuse of the term “austerity”… it’s being used like it’s some kind of punishmentnot the result of decades of irresponsibility.  I’m angry with those politicians that have let such a negative label become standard… why not have labeled it what it really is?  “Responsibility.”

I’m also angry with our country and California in particular.  Why are there six languages on a voting ballot?  Aren’t we all Americans?  I have no problems with diversity… but there’s only one thing that unites a community — and that is the ability to communicate with each other.  Why can a non-citizen have a baby in the U.S. and that baby is somehow, magically, a citizen, which means we have to support that baby — and the baby’s family — for life?  You know the system is being gamed when non-citizens wait at the border for their water to break!

Why do I pay 2/3rds of my property taxes to horribly underperforming public schools that I can’t send my kid to?  Meanwhile, horribly underperforming teachers get tenure — TENURE — after just a few years on the job?  Please.  The teacher’s union is an example of something noble gone terribly wrong.  To add insult to injury, I pay for all of those big yellow school buses… what, public school parents can’t drive their kids to school like we do?  Don’t tell me they can’t because they have to work:  My wife and I work every bit as hard — dare I say harder.  Give me a break.  To add even more insult, we now are giving our tax dollars — tax dollars that we don’t have enough of — to finance the education of non-citizens over legal U.S. citizens?

Sadly, you can’t make this stuff up.

So I TOTALLY AGREE with the protestors… I’m MAD AS HELL about a lot of things, too… and it’s DEFINITELY TIME TO MAKE SOME CHANGES.

A small item… last night we were interrupted not once but twice by the President Of The United States… !

We were at the My New Red Shoes charity event in the afternoon (such a nice charity!)… when it was all over, we were stuck until the presidential motorcade went by… on their way to a fundraiser.

Unfortunately, it passed by on the freeway so we only saw the cars whiz by from afar.

But, then, lo and behold, the second fundraising stop was — literally — two blocks from our house… with the presidential motorcade scheduled to pass by our street in short order.

I must say, it was a festive atmosphere.  Regardless of whether you are a republican or democrat, if you haven’t seen the most powerful person in the free world travel, it is definitely a sight to behold.

Most of the local residents — alerted by heavy police support — lined the street to sneak a glimpse and maybe catch a wave.

I took my daughter and shot some video of her waving as the president went by, literally feet away!

So that’s the cool news.

The broken news is how much that cost.  Apparently, we taxpayers pick up most or all of the tab for these trips…

… which include the total operating cost (machinery, gas, personnel, flight maintenance, etc.) for flying out Air Force One, a dummy Air Force One, a bunch of military transport planes carrying the 20-30 armored vehicles (which had been flying in to Moffett Field all week), probably a lot more equipment that was behind the scenes, and what felt like hundreds of local law enforcement personnel.

Someone has had to figure out the exact costs… but my guess is the amount he raised was dwarfed by the taxpayer tab.

I get the need for positive press… especially in times like now… but given that his official business in Silicon Valley was to have a town-hall meeting with LinkedIn, you’d think he could have actually used some technology and done it virtually and save us all some dough?