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Illegal immigrants — what San Francisco is euphemistically calling “non citizens” — can now apparently vote for Board of Education members.

Isn’t this the definition of oxymoronic?



Maybe not.

P.S.  Thompson had just 2 points at half time in the home opener.  Klay, please, you’re a classy guy, there’s still time to apologize to we Giants fans that support the Warriors, too.

UPDATE:  The Warriors won the next game.  I still stand behind the spirit of my post.

It’s hard to be a fan.  It’s a tremendous amount of time and emotional energy.

It’s particularly hard to be a fan — after spending a tremendous amount of time and emotional energy — having to watch a manager make the same mistakes over and over and over.

That happened tonight… my San Francisco Giants were eliminated from the baseball playoffs… because of INSANE bullpen management by Bruce Bochy…

… the same INSANE bullpen management style that made the Giants nearly the worst team in baseball after the all star break.

I’m tired of hearing how it’s the players fault… that we don’t have any closers.  We had lots ways to close a game… how about just keeping your starting pitcher in when he has a hot hand?  Bochy pulled Matt Moore after the 8th even though he was throwing a 2 hitter!

Or how about using one of your other starting pitchers?  It was, after all, an ELIMINATION GAME.  Any of your starters would have gladly taken the ball… how about Samardzija?  Or Blach?   Heck, even Madison Bumgarner, who only threw 5 innings last night, would have picked up the ball in an instant.

Or how about letting a fresh Will Smith throw to more than one batter?  It’s so painfully clear that Bochy’s platooning style simply wasn’t working.

How about doing ANYTHING other than doing the same ineffective stuff over and over and over?!

This is the second most crushing loss in my five decades or so of being a Giants fan.

And — even harder to swallower — this one was eminently avoidable.

Always disheartening when there’s a great community celebration and a few stupid people ruin it with senseless vandalism.

Here’s a picture of such a low life… someone please identify this idiot so he can get ALL that he deserves.

However, I’m not so happy with the media, either… 99% of the celebration was spontaneous, sincere joy and fun… would have been nice to have captured some of those moments, too.

Probably the weirdest thing that came out of the reporting was learning — after a Muni bus was burned — that the City of San Francisco pays $1 million per Muni bus.

Say what?

Seems like in all the brouhaha, that little item was glossed over.

I hope that bus can fly.  Or the people in charge of buying public transportation in SF get fired.

On this Halloween day, that’s probably the most scary thing I’ll hear all day!