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I used to say Greek Americans had more pride in Greece than Greeks.

That changed a few years ago… when Greece hosted an amazing Olympic Games… and even won a giant international basketball tournament… finally, a whole bunch of sorely-needed civic pride!

Given the turmoil in Greece today, I have no idea where civic pride stands.

But I do know Greece had a huge soccer match against Germany a few weeks back… actually, on the eve of their big political elections.

In a bizarre and unexpected “sports imitating life” scenario, the Germans were greatly favored… just like in real life.

To win, the Greeks were going to need a glorious upset… just like in real life.

And, go figure, the Greeks won!

As a second generation Greek American, I should feel ebullient.

But, strangely, almost sadly, I don’t.

I know the soccer match wasn’t a referendum on Greek vs. German fiscal philosophy… but it certainly felt like it.  I felt myself rooting for the team that comes from a much more responsible place…

… said another way, I can’t cheer for the currently irresponsible way of life in Greece to win.