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My older sister was in a wheelchair the last part of her life.

I know how quietly frustrated she felt.

I remember once she thought she wasn’t going to be able to go to a beloved niece’s graduation because of the difficult logistics that go along with being in a wheelchair.

Forget that!

I picked her up in my old International Scout… plenty big!

I carried her up the many steps into the house.

We shocked the hell out of everyone who thought she wasn’t going to make it… in the very best way.  She talked about that party for a long time afterwards… she always loved parties.

I’m not a reality show kinda guy… but The Business Insider recently ran a piece on Push Girls, from The Sundance Channel

… it’s about girls in wheelchairs… not letting life get them down… honestly talking about the challenges and frustrations… it’s like, “everything you ever wanted to ask a girl in a wheelchair but didn’t have the balls to ask.”

The girls said it best… I’m paraphrasing from something I read in USA Today about the show:

     “We’re trying to get people to look at the girl first and the chair second.”

One word sums it up:  Inspiring.