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My dad was a first generation Greek American.  While he was fluent in Greek, his mom made him speak English… because, “we’re Americans now.”

(Don’t even get me started on this topic… my grandmother got it right… there’s only one thing that unites a community… not race, religion, or favorite color… it’s the ability to communicate with each other… so if you want to be in America… if you want to be an American… and have all the priviledges that go along with that… for goodness sakes, speak English!  I can’t tell you how angry it makes me to see something like a voting ballot printed in six languages… argh!)

But I digress.

My dad was a first generation Greek American.  I was fortunate enough to spend many summers in Greece as a kid, even went to first grade there.  So, naturally, I have more than a casual interest in what is happening in Greece.

Like the rest of the world, Greece has mismanaged itself… but, it seems, Greece has done this way better than just about anyone else.

They needed a bailout.  And, scarily, in only a short time, they now need abailout on their last bailout.

Who’s the big country in this decision process?

None other than the country that the entire world bailed out, so to speak.


Germany dragged the entire world into not one but two world wars.  And the entire world — particularly almost completely decimated europe — let Germany skip out on their debts after these wars.


And not an enviable situation to be in at all.