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Absolutely Hurricane Sandy is devastating.

For a president seeking a second term, though, it may be a gift from heaven…

… seems like the entire election just became an after-thought… whatever momentum a challenger may have had just got washed away with the rain.

After all, it’s hardly a time for bi-partisan bickering, not when people’s houses are floating down the street!

Politically, an event like this — a natural disaster affecting 1/3 of the country — will always be in the standing president’s wheelhouse.

Hell, the country even liked George W. Bush for a time during the 911 crisis… something that, indeed, took an act of God to accomplish.

My election prediction?  The longer Sandy blows, the greater the chance of re-election.  It’s just the way this kind of thing works.


Always disheartening when there’s a great community celebration and a few stupid people ruin it with senseless vandalism.

Here’s a picture of such a low life… someone please identify this idiot so he can get ALL that he deserves.

However, I’m not so happy with the media, either… 99% of the celebration was spontaneous, sincere joy and fun… would have been nice to have captured some of those moments, too.

Probably the weirdest thing that came out of the reporting was learning — after a Muni bus was burned — that the City of San Francisco pays $1 million per Muni bus.

Say what?

Seems like in all the brouhaha, that little item was glossed over.

I hope that bus can fly.  Or the people in charge of buying public transportation in SF get fired.

On this Halloween day, that’s probably the most scary thing I’ll hear all day!

I like a lot of sports teams.  But I LOVE the San Francisco Giants.  Have I earned my Giant stripes?  You tell me… I would pour through box scores as a little boy in the Green Sheet (SF Chronicle)… I have a drawer full of Croix de Candlestick pins… and I was part of two of the top 10 record low crowds at Candlestick.

So, yes, I look good in orange & black.

It’s only fitting — on the night the San Francisco Giants win the Worlds Series — that congratulations go out to the players, the managers, the owners, the radio broadcast team (of which I listen to all the time), and, most of all, the fans, both young and old… this is all of our night to savor…

… we are…

… World Champions… !