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Whoops, just ran into this piece.  It’s finally happening.  In big numbers.  That a big portion of ad spend is moving online.
50% is a big number!
People still have trouble understanding the impact of global warming.  "What’s a few degrees gonna matter?"
The best way I’ve heard it described is this:  Water at about 209 degrees doesn’t look much different than 210 or 211 degrees… but go up just a single degree to 212… and all hell breaks loose.
So, a single degree DOES make a difference.
What difference are you going to make?
Please go to his website — The Solution is Simple — and make your voice heard.
I did. 
And, I’m also doing most, if not all, of my freeway driving at 55-60 mph using my cruise control… which is really, really hard when you like driving fast cars fast… and get unrelenting passenger (a.k.a. wife) peer pressure.  But that, and slooow acceleration and deceleration, makes your driving about 1/3 (!) more efficient.
Why am I doing it? 
I’m tired of being utterly dependent on a crazy place like the Middle East. 
I’m tired of war and a wobbly economy and a wayward dollar.
I’m tired of ruining the planet. 
I shudder at the mess we’re — I’m — leaving my daughter.
Like or dislike Henry Blodget, he write an interesting blog.
One drum he’s banged for a while is that online advertising will wilt along with the economy… maybe even be a leading indicator.
But no longer… quote from today:
     If the downturn is prolonged, we still think search will get hit, but we also agree that it will be the last spending to get cut.
My blog comment:
     I never understood why such a smart group like SAI didn’t understand this… all you had to do is ask anyone that has actually bought advertising:  The old way sucks.  The new way is awesome.
     Said another way, I’m not sure future generations will ever understand the oldest ad joke in the world:  "I know half my advertising is working… I just don’t know which half."  R.I.P.