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When a boat leaks, you can either get a bigger bucket to bail with… or fix the leak.

We need to fix the leaks in this country.

I remember when everyone said it would be horrible if GM went bankrupt.

That was, of course, b.s.

GM would have been better off — healthier — if it had filed for bankruptcy protect and cleaned out the rot that it now still needs to carry.

In the same way, I don’t know what deep, dark dangers are in store for us if we just let all those tax increases and spending cuts kick in…

… but doesn’t that kinda sounds like what we need right now?

Don’t get me wrong… I don’t like the tax increases… but if we want to be a world leader, we need to act like a world leader… and get our fiscal house in order.

Simply put, we need to stop spending more than we have.

I mean, do we really have to spend 25% of our budget on the military?  Over 8x more than we spend on education?  We’re so terrified of North Korea getting a single nuke… don’t we still have enough nukes to bury every continent on the planet about 10 times over?  (100 times over?)

Let me put it another way:  We spend more than the next 13 — 13! — countries combined.  That includes China and Russia and pretty much all of Europe, just in case you’re wondering.

Really, we need to spend that much?

If the government is afraid spending cuts will stifle the economy, then why not balance these cuts with an intelligent (natural gas) energy policy that will stabilize — even reduce — the price of energy and directly affect the price of absolutely everything anyone ever buys?  

That of course, is the very stimulus that got us out of the Great Recession (the price of oil, and thus the price of energy, dropping from $147 to $34 per barrel over a six month period).

One can only hope we’re smart enough — actually, brave enough — to figure this out.